O que escrevem sobre nós

O que escrevem sobre nós

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Nem sempre é fácil escrever ou falar sobre nós. Como se costuma dizer: “Os nossos filhos são sempre os mais bonitos”. Achamos mais interessante partilhar o que a prestigiada revista “Golf World” escreveu sobre o Golfe Quinta da Marinha em Novembro 2014:

European Top 100 ranking 2013: Top 200
"While you could accurately describe this as´ resort golf at its best´, the starter´s hut at Quinta da Marinha is proof of the worldwide pulling power of one of European´s most stylish venues.

Membership tags from Royal Jersey in the Channel Islands to Gronhogen Links in Sweden adorn the starters hut.
After soaking up this memorabilia and the feeling you are playing somewhere of stature, you then start with a drive to a wide opening fairway lined on its edges by umbrella pines. The fairway narrows the further you drive it but we are not talking about a premium on accuracy here, more like a premium on enjoyment. The par 3s are the real highlight and begin with the 143-yard 2nd, which has lake hard to the left and bunker to the right. If you find sand, your escape will be perilous as you splash out towards the water and attempt to hold the narrow green. The Quinta da Marinha hotels is right next to the tee, but you get an even closer look at its attractive swimming pool and patio area later… possibly to your embarrassment as you try to avoid water around the green of the par-5 10th, ominously called “The Lakes”.

Another terrific short hole arrives at the 5th, played over a lake to an elevated green surrounded by three large traps.
But the pick is surely the 14th, which plays parallel to the Atlantic Ocean and is a thriller of a par 3 over a ravine to an acorn- shaped green that is especially unforgiving to anything a little offline.

Spectacular stuff, as is the previous hole, a short to-shotter played downhill from left-to-right whit the Atlantic visible over the tops of the trees beyond the green. It is a splendid risk-reward hole which is reachable (360 yards) whit a tailwind and a hard bounce but where bushes close to the edges of the fairway and green mean anything offline might never be seen again.

The 6th is another stellar par 4, an acute dog-leg that is verging on an S-Shaped fairway that concludes in a gorgeous green surrounded by pines and Royal Melbourne-style bunkers."